UNDATED (WJON News) -- Minnesota author Julie Jo Larson has just released her latest book "100 Things to Do in Minnesota Before You Die".

In the Food and Drink section of the book, she suggests you go to Wings Airport Cafe in Brainerd not only for the food but to also watch as airplanes take off and land.

It's just a really fun afternoon and in the summertime you can watch people come in.  Sometimes we have famous people from across the country flying in and using our resorts and things, so you are never sure who you are going to bump into.

Other chapters in the Food and Drink category are the Rapid River Logging Camp in Park Rapids, The Country Drive-In in Winthrop, and the Igloo Bar at Zippel Bay in Williams.

Brown County Historical Society
Brown County Historical Society

In the Culture and History section, she recommends getting popcorn at the Historic Popcorn Wagon in New Ulm. Something she remembers doing as a little girl growing up in that community.

All of a sudden, I was getting emails that the popcorn machine was going to be here and there.  The historical society took it over and brought it back to its full glory.

Also in the Culture and History category, there's a chapter on the Ely Steam Sauna, the Barn Quilts, and the World's Third-Largest Nutcracker Collection in Luverne.

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Larson suggests taking her book with you when you explore the locations she features and have someone from that spot sign the chapter as a way to keep a record of where you've been.

The book is available now wherever you buy your books.


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