There's a new law in Minnesota that was officially signed into law earlier this year. However, the people affected by this law aren't affected until now and that's because this new law has to do with ice fishing.

Be Careful on the Ice!

I don't know much about ice fishing, but I do know it's still a bit early in the season, especially with how abnormally warm it has been. Many lakes haven't frozen over yet so no ice fishing yet in a lot of the state.

Actually, there was a group of people who were just rescued from an ice chunk that broke away on a Minnesota lake. So be careful and don't go out too early.

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Ice Shanty on a Frozen Lake
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However, when you do go out to ice fish this winter, make sure you're aware of this new law. First of all, if you break the law you'll be fined. Second of all, you should have been doing this before the law was official because you're a good person.

I've heard about plenty of people who go ice fishing and weren't doing this, though, which, I would assume, is why it's been signed into law.

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New Minnesota Law for Ice Fishers

This new law has to do with cleaning up after yourself. Yep, the thing that your mom taught you to do when you were a kid.

The initiative is called Keep it Clean MN and the law that was made official in May of this year says that it's illegal to leave your trash and other waste on the ice. I really can't believe we had to make a law about this to make people clean up after themselves but ok.

Mike Cox, Unsplash
Mike Cox, Unsplash

The official law states:


A person using a shelter, a motor vehicle, or any other conveyance on the ice of state waters may not deposit garbage, rubbish, cigarette filters, debris from fireworks, offal, the body of a dead animal, litter, sewage, or any other waste outside the shelter, motor vehicle, or conveyance unless the material is:

(1) placed in a container that is secured to the shelter, motor vehicle, or conveyance; and

(2) not placed directly on the ice or in state waters.

If you break this law it's a petty misdemeanor on your record and you could be fined $100 for each violation.

Pick up after yourself when you're out ice fishing. It's the right thing to do, plus it's also now against the law if you don't.

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