Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  The latest addition to the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial is nearly complete and could be wrapped up next year.

The committee that oversees management of the Rochester landmark recently added a concrete connection to a maintenance building.

The sidewalk contains eight sections and six of them include 42 memorial pavers. Plans call for the addition of 84 pavers to the remaining two sections and so far, 44 have been sold and 7 have been reserved.

Memorial President Wayne Stillman hopes the remaining pavers can be sold in time to be installed before Memorial Day next year.

Information on purchasing a paver can be found at the memorial website.

This latest addition to the memorial was held up during a dispute between the committee and the city Park Dept., which owns the property where it’s located. The committee wanted the new sidewalk to make it easier to move chairs and equipment from the building to the memorial for events. But Park Department staff had concerns about the negative aesthetic impact it might have on the memorial. The issue went to the Park Board in July and it sided with the memorial committee.

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