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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to review a proposed housing development project this week that would add dozens of new and needed single-family houses to the local market.

Noble Development is planning a project known as Highland Hills First in the northwest part of the city. The plan calls for developing 53 acres to include 130 residential lots for twin and bay homes.

It’s the first phase of development of what’s called the Highland Preserve General Development Plan. It was approved last year.

The development is 521 acres in size, consisting of low-density residential and commercial development. Its boundaries extend from 50th Ave NW on the east, Valley High Road NW on the south and 60th Ave. NW on the west.

Highland Hills First
Highland Hills First

The city will require a 22 acre park in the first phase, which calls for 72 single family lots, 32 attached single family lots (twin homes) and 26 bay home lots. Bay home units are defined as single family detached structures which are narrower in width to provide more units for the frontage available.

The commission is scheduled to review the project at its Wednesday evening meeting.

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