Growing up, I always wanted a turtle. My parents would never let me have one because of how long they live. So instead of having one, my brothers and I would walk a half-mile to a lake that was near our house and go search for the turtles there. We never brought one home, but we thought about it!

The Quarry Hill Nature Center put out a post the other day about an Ornate Box Turtle being found on the campgrounds. In this post, they said that these turtles aren't native to Minnesota, but can be found in our neighboring state of Wisconson. So why was this turtle found here? The thought is that someone tried to keep it as a pet. After that not working out, they released it into the wild at Quarry Hill Nature Center.

This little guy lost a leg, which will make it hard to live in the wild. The post says due to the turtle being humanized and the loss of its leg, it can't return to the wild. It'll have to remain in captivity for the remainder of its life. The center is working with the Minnesota Herpetological Society to save this turtles life.

This is a good reminder to keep the wild, wild and the captive, captive!

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