North Dakota Pastor Finds Giant K-Mart K In His Yard

<p>My wife hopes it's gone by June, I think.</p><p> </p>

Just like Rochester, Minnesota Grand Forks, North Dakota has an old, closed-up K-Mart. Well, a _-Mart for now because the giant K is missing from the building. It's not lost though. It's in Hope Church Pastor Paul Knight's front yard.

Why Is There A Giant K-Mart K In His Front Yard?

That is a really good question. The Grand Forks Herald dug into it and here's what we know.

Screenshot from WDAY-TV. Video in story.
Screenshot from WDAY-TV

It appeared on his lawn Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, while it was dark or before he was awake. Does he know who did it or why? Nope. Not a clue...officially. He told the GFH it might have been put there by someone in his church.

"I don't know who to call, cuz I don't know who put it up," Pastor Knight said. "So I am kind of making a general announcement: the people who are responsible for this, you're welcome to remove it anytime. My wife hopes it's gone by June, I think."

giant kmart k in ranch style home's front yard
Screenshot from WDAY-TV

All images in this post from video in this story here on In-Forum.Com

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