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This Minnesotan recently gave new meaning to the phrase, 'hop on a bus!'

Sometimes, stories in the news just HAVE to be true, because they're a little too strange to make up. Then again, this story seems like something you might see in the movies or on TV. But it actually happened here in Minnesota, about an hour and a half from Rochester.

The story takes place along a stretch of I-94 in north Minneapolis earlier this week. According to this WCCO-TV story, it could have ended much worse than it did. Because it's the story of a rider who, inexplicably, ended up on the roof of a bus.

The story doesn't say which line the bus in question was driving for, but it does say that both the Minnesota State Patrol and Metro Transit Police responded to a call about a rider on a bus who had opened the roof hatch and climbed on the roof of the vehicle-- while the bus was making its way along I-94 near Dowling Avenue North.

Luckily, the bus driver was able to pull over and make an emergency stop along the shoulder of the interstate-- again, while the passenger was lying on the roof of the bus-- to wait for the authorities to arrive.

Well, they did, and they were able to get said passenger off the roof without anybody getting hurt. You have to check out the video from WCCO below. The story doesn't say, though, just WHY the passenger decided to open the hatch and climb on the roof-- your guess is as good as mine!

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