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The fast-breaking deluge of the details of news events is a challenge to follow. However the quotes of news notables allow synthesized access to and understanding of significant events, several listed below.

New York Post’s extraordinary investigative columnist Miranda Devine declared, “the media’s covert protection of scandal-plagued Bidens comes to light, and they still push the president’s and Hunter’s innocence.” And, “The White House is making overt what has been covert and humiliating their media handmaidens in the process.”

President Joe Biden
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American Thinker columnist Greg Salsbury said of the Deep State (DOJ, FBI, IRS, and pro-Biden media, via besieged former president Donald Trump’s statement), “, they are not after me, they’re after you, and I am just in the way.”

Powerline’s Elizabeth Stauffer quoted This Week host George Stephanopoulos’s frustration with “the baggage Trump carries,” but Trump is tied with Joe Biden right now, with George. S. neglecting to mention Biden's family baggage. Former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile explained to him, “We must respect that Donald Trump is leading a movement,” which she compared to the Reagan and Obama movements. Stauffer added co-panelist Atlantic writer Reiham Salam’s equally honest take on the Trump phenomenon: To many observers, “the various charges are baked in, but when Trump is focused on the issues, he speaks in a very accessible way that could be meaningful in a general election.”

Donald Trump Holds A Campaign Rally In South Carolina
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Alan B. Goodhart of American Thinker, had interesting assessments of GOP/Democrat presidential candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., suggesting they are pro-Trump, and seek “leadership positions in a future Trump administration,” providing broad independent, GOP and some Democrat support. Goodhart provided interesting statements from RFK, Jr.: “I am proud that President Trump likes me...We are going to take back the country and go to America first.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, regrettably, “The pharmaceutical industry owns the NIH, CDC, and FDA.” RFK, Jr., who, as a lawyer, “has been litigating against these agencies for years,” and would reign them in.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Visits "The Faulkner Focus"
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Jim Hoft, of the Gateway pundit, who is involved in a court suit with other entities against the alleged censorships of social media outlets, cited Trump’s “warning to Democrat and DC elites, what awaits them when he wins (the election) again.”

Shifting from Trumpism, some alarming contentions from Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, in an interview with John Solomon of Just the News: Walters alleges “teachers unions and China are cheerleading anti-Americanism in schools.” China and U.S. teachers’ unions, Walters claimed, “You hear it from the National Education Association. They funnel anti-Americanism into our schools to undermine American institutions.”

School, backpack, back
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Concerned parents have been fighting back against anti-Americanism, Wokism, and pornographic literature in public schools, but have gotten heavy flak and even legal threats for doing it. Walters blames “woke administrators” for the problem, as well. Walters said these incidents of forced anti-American ideology not only contribute to anti-American indoctrination but cause students to “fall behind in basic subjects like mathematics and English.”

Walters “warned that since Joe Biden took office, an increase in Chinese funding has encouraged Marxist influence in the U.S. education system,” some of it coming from “the Confucius Institute, a People’s Republic of China-funded nonprofit entity based in Washington, DC. whose stated mission, according to the Congressional Research Service, is to improve China’s international image.’” Superintendent Walters contends, “we have seen censoring of criticism of the Chinese government and intentional undermining of American exceptionalism and greatness.”

It is important that informed citizens know and pay close attention to what officials say, claim and deny. It is equally important to pay attention to what they do not say.

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