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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The parents and guardians of students attending class at Rochester's newest Middle School have been alerted to an incident involving a BB gun.

The email message from Dakota Middle School Principal Levi Lundak indicates the BB gun was brought to the school by a student this morning. It states the presence of the weapon was brought to the attention of school leaders by other students. The statement goes on to say the situation is under control and students are not in danger.

Rochester Public Schools photo
Rochester Public Schools photo

The principal is urging the parents to use the incident as an opportunity to speak to their children about the importance of school safety. Lundak also stressed that school district policy "prohibits students from possessing, using, or distributing weapons."

The policy defines a weapon as any object, device, or instrument designed as a weapon or through its use is capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or which may be used to inflict self-injury. The policy also specifically lists BB guns, pellet guns, and air guns as prohibited items.

It's unclear what disciplinary measures the student will face.

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