Plainview, MN (KROC AM News) - The Plainview Police Dept. helped save Christmas for several families.

Plainview Police Chief Tim Schneider says his department was contacted around 10:00 PM Monday about the theft of Christmas presents from vehicles. Schneider says the victims had been at gatherings and put the gifts in their vehicles as they were getting ready to leave when the thieves struck.

He says his patrol officer took the reports and was driving around when he saw some people apparently getting ready to break into another car. He says the suspects were detained, two searches were later conducted and more than 50 presents were recovered.  Two suspects were eventually arrested.

Schneider says the gifts were returned to the victims. He says as of Wednesday morning, there were a handful of known victims.

Here are the chief’s thoughts on the work his officers were involved in:

It was a great piece of police work by our officer on duty and a great collaborative effort to do all the things it takes to execute searches and interview suspects, etc.

I want to take a second to thank our fantastic officers for not hesitating to leave their homes and families and to come in and work through the night to get this case solved and these Christmas presents back to the people that they belong to.

I’d say it was extraordinary, but it’s just what they do. I just got off the phone with our officers. Not a single complaint, just a little sleepy and eager to get home to their own families on this Christmas morning.

A special thank you to the deputies from Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office
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