Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Pink slips were handed out this week at the Rochester Post Bulletin.

The announcement was made in the newspaper’s Friday edition.

The paper reported it had eliminated eleven jobs, mostly in the newsroom.  Management says the decision was made primarily because of  “a drop in revenue, including a cyclical decline in recruitment and real estate advertising.”

The announcement  of the cuts came from Len Small, president of the Small Newspaper Group, which owns the Post-Bulletin.

Here is what the newspaper reported:

"The local labor market has become so tight that employers are unable to find workers," Small said. "The housing market has the same shortage," which has affected ad revenue. While recovery is expected, "it could take some time," Small said.

The Post Bulletin says it had 184 employees before the layoffs.

The job cuts come a week after the paper announced it was eliminating editions on most major holidays in another apparent cost-cutting move.

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