A quarter is usually worth just 25 cents, but if you happen to find *this* quarter here in Minnesota, it could be worth more. A lot more!

Finding a quarter these days here in the North Star State isn't tough to do, right? According to the United States Mint, about 310 new quarters will be produced and put into circulation this year alone, and that's in addition to all the other quarters that are already out there in circulation.

The quarter-cent coin was once worth way more than just 25 cents. That's because originally, the first quarters produced by the US Mint way back in 1796 were made of silver. However, the US Mint says it stopped including silver in quarters back in 1965. Today, quarters are 'clad' or coated, with the inner core being pure copper and the outer covering a mix of copper and nickel.

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This rare quarter, though, isn't valuable for the metals of which it is composed, but instead for the design that is on its face. The rare quarter we're talking about was a Wisconsin quarter, first issued 20 years ago as a part of the State Quarter series.

What makes this 2004 Wisconsin quarter so valuable is a slight change to its design. According to this Fox Business story:

The front of the coin displays a cow, a peeled husk of corn and a sliced wheel of cheese along with inscriptions that name the state, the year Wisconsin was admitted into the union (1848) and the word "Forward," which is Wisconsin’s state motto. However, some of the Wisconsin quarters that were released in 2004 have a small design difference that shows an extra leaf on the illustrated corn husk.

And if you happen to have one of those rare 2004 Wisconsin quarters with the extra corn husk leaf, it could be worth way more and just 25 cents: Fox Business says some of those quarters have recently sold for nearly $2,000!

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That's a pretty good chunk of change for a quarter! Of course, they're fairly rare, but they *could* be circulating here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. So check your pockets and couch cushions!

Speaking of rare things, the house on Lake Minnetonka that Minnesota Twins infielder Carlos Correa bought last year is pretty rare-- it's worth $7.5 million! Keep scrolling to check some pictures of both the inside and outside of his sweet digs!

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