MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — It may be December before the final makeup of the Minnesota Senate is known for certain.

Republicans are in strong position to control the chamber 34-33, but a pair of automatic recounts loom in Districts 14 and 44. They'll need to keep their leads in those races.

State law calls for trailing opponents to request a recount within 48 hours of the state canvassing board meeting that follows an election. This year, that meeting is Nov. 29.

Recounts in legislative districts generally take a few days.

A study by the nonpartisan group FairVote of elections from 2000-09 found reversals were rare.

Gov. Mark Dayton is bracing for legislative gridlock as he prepares to face a Republican-controlled Legislature.

House Republicans expanded their majority by defeating several incumbent Democrats. The dynamic parallels 2011, when Dayton and a majority Republican Legislature deadlocked and a 20-day government shutdown resulted.

Dayton said Wednesday he's willing to compromise but also criticized GOP lawmakers as extremists that year. Republicans lost power in both chambers in the 2012 election.

The Democratic governor says divided government is a consequence of Minnesota's divided electorate.

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