Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester City Council is scheduled to continue discussions concerning higher parking fees during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. City staff presented the council with a report in June that recommended raising rates and reducing the number of spaces available for monthly rental to meet the projected expenses for operating and maintaining the city’s parking ramps and lots while also freeing up more spaces for downtown visitors.

The report recommends ramping up the basic parking rates from $9.50 to $16 per day, while contract rates would rise from around $105 to $288 per month over the next five years. The original report also called for adding new parking fees for evenings, weekends and events.

Staff is now recommending the City Council approve the new parking rate and fee schedule while continuing to offer free evening and weekend parking. The revised report suggests the issue could be revisited if additional revenues are needed in the future for expanding parking facilities. Staff is also recommending deferring the decision on whether to impose an event fee that would be charged for parking in city-owned ramps and lots on evenings and weekends.

Under all of the options, on-street parking would remain free on evenings and weekends.

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