The Rochester City Council appears to be ready to go ahead with the Transit report presented to them at the Committee of the Whole meeting Monday afternoon.

Based on that, plus feedback they've been hearing from the community, a plan would be put in place that will expand routes on Saturday and provide Sunday service as well, according to City Council President Randy Staver, who revealed some details Tuesday morning on Rochester's Good Morning with Rich Peterson and Kim David


Staver said there'll be smartphone apps so you'll know where the buses are and when to expect them to arrive at your location.

The council also directed attention to the Park and Ride programs. They added two more Park and Rides at the fairgrounds, but deferred action on the Bethel Church parking lot so they'd have a chance to follow up with some of the neighbors.

Randy Staver is a regular guest on the first and third Tuesdays of every month on KROC AM

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