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It is 2020 - the year when you can take the ordinary and just try something different, because anything goes this year!  My family put a new spin on a Christmas tradition and decided to try making Pop-Tart houses instead of Gingerbread houses.  It was actually super easy (and I'll give you a few tips if you want to try it too).  But now we need to know which Pop-Tart house is the best?  Yep, we are looking for your votes!

Which Pop-Tart house is your favorite?  Look through the list below and see the masterpieces that now exist in Rochester, Minnesota and put your vote in at my Facebook page or Instagram page.

Vote for your Favorite Pop-Tart House

Ready to try making a Pop-Tart house?  Here are a few tips to make your experience the best:

  • Get a few tubs of frosting
  • Get a few boxes of Pop-Tarts.  If you build a traditional house, you will need at least 3 packages so you have 6 total Pop-Tarts.
  • For the roof, some individuals in our family thought that the flat side without frosting was a better option for decorating.
  • Gather up all sorts of candy and have it handy for all the decorating fun.  Here's a few things that we used:
    • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - pull out the candy wrapped in the green wrappers, dip the ends in chocolate (in the wrapper) and put a few together to make trees.
    • Nerds - we used these for some of the paths, roofs, and also used as Christmas lights on the trees.
    • Candy Corn
    • SweetTarts - a few of our roofs are tiled with this candy
    • Pretzels - make a great frame or can add additional details to make it look like a log cabin.

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