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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man has been charged with seriously injuring his baby son who may be facing permanent injuries.

Two felony assault charges were filed this week in Olmsted County Court against 22-year-old Dylan Horsman. He has been ordered to make his first court appearance next month.

The criminal complaint says the baby was taken to the hospital on Nov 26 and it was determined he had suffered several seizures.

The mother said the baby had not been taking his bottle and that “he was pale and shaking, and he was mellow and seemed in a daze.”

Further tests determined the baby - who was under 2 months old at the time - “ had suffered from a significant subdural hematoma and had old fractures on his right clavicle, a old tibia fracture and retinal hemorrhages.”

The mother told investigators she did not know how the injuries occurred. She said they may have happened after a car he was riding in hit a deer.

An investigator asked Horsman if he had shaken the baby and he said "I don't know." The complaint says Horsman eventually confessed.

According to the complaint:

“Horsman eventually admitted to shaking Victim. He said that he was in the living room, Witness 1 was asleep, and Victim was in his crib. Victim started to cry and he did not know how to calm him down and became frustrated. Horsman said he had an impulse to shake Victim. He grabbed Victim by the shoulders and shook him from side to side. Victim's head and shoulders moved. Victim laid in the crib while Horsman shook him. Horsman believed that he shook Victim on November 23.”

The complaint says:

"The metaphyseal corner fractures in the distal left tibia and distal left fibula are  consistent with non-accidental trauma. Dr. Derauf found that Victim had a large bilateral subdural hematoma. The MRI showed extensive abnormal cortical diffusion restriction, which is an indication of an injury to the cerebrum. Due to the large subdural hematoma, Victim required a subdural peritoneal shunt be placed in the intracranial subdural  space that runs to the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen in order to drain fluid from Victim's brain. It was later discovered that Victim had four small tears in the white matter of his brain which can be associated with traumatic brain injury. Victim was diagnosed with status epilepticus, which is a life-threatening condition. Given his age and the extent of his brain injury, it is very likely Victim will suffer some degree of permanent loss of function of his nervous system."

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