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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A Rochester man was killed during the storm that hit the city Wednesday evening and his death is being called “weather-related.”

Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Lee Rossman says the victim was hit by a section of a tree that snapped and landed on him and his truck.

Rossman says the man was at a gathering at a residence in the 3500 block of Collegeview Rd East near Sekapp Orchard.


Rossman says the man went outside just before 8:00 pm to have a smoke. The others at the residence went downstairs when the warning sirens sounded and noticed he was not with them. They went outside to look for the man and found him under the tree next to the truck.

The group tried to remove the tree from the victim and started CPR until first responders arrived. The man was taken to St Marys Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The man was identified as 65-year-old Keith Dickman. Rossman says it appears he died from a head injury.

Rossman says the truck had been parked near a 40-foot tall tree and Dickman was hit by a 10-foot section that broke off.

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