Denver, CO (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been sentenced to 171 months in federal prison for online stalking and harassment.

44-year-old Eric Bolduan entered into a plea agreement last September and admitted to federal stalking and interstate threat charges in Colorado. Federal prosecutors say he sent emails and text messages to a female student at the University of Colorado that threatened to kill her and her sister. He then posted photos of the victim's face on pornography websites and included her actual contact information.

Federal investigators, who arrested Bolduan at his home in Rochester in October 2017, say he sent similar emails, text messages, and posts to four other victims in Colorado. They also found evidence that he victimized other female students at universities and high schools across the country.

“The victims in this case experienced real and profound suffering because of the acts of this defendant,” said United States Attorney Jason Dunn. “It’s possible that more young women have been victimized but just haven’t been able to identify their assailant. We encourage anyone who has experienced this kind of threat to call the FBI.”

The FBI is requesting that anyone who believes they may have been among the victims to contact the agency by calling (303) 629-7171 (Option 1).


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