Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man accused of shooting and nearly killing his neighbor has been cleared of attempted murder and other charges due to mental illness.

The ruling was made last week by an Olmsted County judge in the case against 37-year-old Roderick Malone. The judge found Malone was so mentally ill at the time he opened fire he was not aware of what he was doing was wrong.

The shooting happened in August 2017 outside the victim’s home near Madonna Towers as he was talking to his babysitter and her mother. More than 20 rounds were fired and one hit the victim in the chest, barely missing his heart. He was in St Marys Hospital’s ICU for an unknown period but was expected to make a full recovery. Some of the other rounds traveled more than 600 feet and two hit an occupied house.

According to court records, Malone was ruled incompetent to stand trial last April and committed for treatment. He was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia and cannabis and alcohol use disorder. He was discharged in October and returned to the Olmsted County jail after being found competent.

His case was heard without a jury before Judge Pamela King on Monday and she returned her acquittal verdict Tuesday, finding he did not “understand his actions were wrong.”

She also ordered the Olmsted County Attorney to determine if he is mentally ill and dangerous, which could lead to another civil commitment.

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