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This may be a first for drive-thru restaurants in Rochester, Minnesota. A customer ran out of gas and couldn't leave the drive-thru!

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A couple Sundays ago, Jolene Anderson was in the drive thru at the SE Kentucky Fried Chicken Store and she ran out of gas. An embarrassing spot to be in, but the employees didn't make her feel dumb, or embarrassed, or anything like that.

They ran out and pushed her car out of the way so business could resume. What happened next, as every click bait headline says, will blow you away.

But it really will!

I'll let Jolene take over from here.

"...and then an employee got in her car and went and got me gas while the manager waited there with me. Got gas in my car and then the manager said, 'For your trouble, I am going to buy your meal!!'

For MY trouble LOL They were amazing!!"

See? Mind blown. Major kudos to the crew at the SE Kentucky Fried Chicken. Comping the meal on top of it all? Classy.

Photo Credit: KFC Corporation
Photo Credit: KFC Corporation

Jessica Aguirre seems to be the or a manager at that KFC location, and she replied,

"You are most certainty welcome!!! My team and i always try to do our best for our guests!! Im glad we could help and put a smile back on your face!!!!"

Much praise to you and your team, Jessica Aguirre. I don't know if you, your team, or even Jolene see this as a bright shining light of hope...but I sure do. Rochester can sometimes seem big and impersonal . Sometimes it seems small.

Right now, writing this story, I feel like we're a bigger place that still treats each other like neighbors in a small town. Because that's what you and your team did.

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