The Rochester City Council is looking at modifying the city ordinance dealing with dogs in public places to require the use of leashes in most circumstances and has asked the s Park Board to look at its policies concerning dogs in the City's parks.

Rochester Park and Recreation Director Paul Widman was Rich Peterson's guest Monday morning during Rochester's Good Morning on KROC-AM.

He says the current policy mirrors the current city ordinance in requiring that dogs be under the control of a person by either a leash or by command. It defines "By Command" as within 6 feet of person walking, jogging or bicycling and the dog must return to the owner on no more than two voice commands. In cases where a dog is playing fetch, the policy extends the distance to 30 feet.

The Rochester Park Board meets Tuesday and will be discussing some revisions recommended by staff. Widman says it seems reasonable that leashes would be required when dogs are on paved trails and sidewalks, or in and around picnic shelters and parking lots, but still allow dogs to be off leash when they're in more open areas in parks where very few other people are present.

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