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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A homeless Rochester man was arrested early Friday as the suspect in a burglary at a downtown underground parking garage.

And he was also identified as the suspect in a similar burglary the night before.

Officers were called to the Knob Hill Condominiums along 4th St SW around 1:00 AM Friday.



On the way to the site, officers spotted a suspicious-looking man walking nearby. He was talked to but not detained because there was no proof he was involved. When they arrived at the complex they found a door had been forced open and some tools were missing. They checked surveillance video and that’s when they discovered the burglar was the same man they had just talked to.

They also realized the same man was seen on surveillance video breaking into a vehicle in a garage facility the previous night.

The man entered the garage at The Park aparment complex in the Kutzky neighborhood around 3:00 am Thursday after a vehicle drove in and the door was still open. He made off with some keys, gift cards and a jacket.



The officers were able to ID the man and he was located at the community warming center and arrested. He was identified as 31-year-old Dmitry Tur.

Olmsted County ADC

The arrest comes a few days after RPD issued an advisory about a recent uptick in car prowls and parking garage burglaries.

It's not known if Tur is connected to any of the earlier thefts.

News update:  Another Minnesota pedestrian has been killed.

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