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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A 56-year-old Rochester man is accused of holding a 20-year-old homeless woman captive and raping her over a period of three weeks in a storage shed.

Arraigned Friday on two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct was Scott Ramey, whose bail was set at $50,000.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman had been living at Cooke Park and was approached by Ramey around Nov. 14th. The woman says Ramey “expressed concern to her that she would freeze and invited her back to his shed” which is located at 842 7th St NW,  listed as Allstate Mini Storage near Cooke Park.

Kim David/TSM
Kim David/TSM

The woman says when he showed her a gun, a knife and a can of mace “she felt that she had to follow Ramey back to his shed or he would hurt her, and she followed him back.”

The woman says Ramey later raped her that day and “reported there were seven such encounters over the next few weeks, all of which were non-consensual.” She said “some of the encounters took place in Ramey’s shed, other encounters in an exterior closet near First Presbyterian Church, which Ramey also used as a shelter.”

According to the complaint, “The woman said she would tell Ramey “No,” but did not actively fight him because she feared that Ramey would harm her.” The woman said at one point "she told Ramey she wished to leave, and he shoved her forcefully back down to the couch in his shed, produced a gun and pointed it directly at her head, causing her to believe he would kill her if she tried anything.”

She said “Ramey would routinely belittle and threaten her, calling her a “dead deer,” a “prostitute” and uttering threats such as “I’m going to break your leg and throw you down to the river.”

She also said, “ Ramey would force her to take oral contraceptive pills.”

The victim was eventually able to escape and return to her father’s home on or about December 8th and contacted police.

Police executed a search warrant of Ramey’s storage unit on Jan.7 and reported it was "obviously used as a residence, as it was stocked with clothing, movies, two sofa chairs, propane cooking equipment, eating utensils and nonperishable foods "

Ramey “claimed the victim was inventing these allegations because she and her family wanted to jump him”  and denied having a sexual relationship with the Victim.

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