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Rochester Public Schools has announced they will share the RPS Back-to-School Plan for the 2020-21 school year tomorrow at 1PM.

According to Heather Nessler, Executive Director of Communications, Marketing, Technology at Rochester Public Schools, the plan is not official until it is approved by the school board "during a special session on Monday, August 10 at 5 PM."

That board meeting will be live streamed at YouTube.com/ISD535.

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If we know anything, it's that students and teachers are more than eager to return to in-classroom teaching IF it is going to be safe. Make sure you watch for the app alerts to bring you the latest news.

Le-Roy Ostrander Public School
Le-Roy Ostrander Public School

On July 30th, KROC NEWS Director Kim David reported,

Rochester Public Schools students, parents and teachers will have to wait another week before they know what type of learning model will be adopted for the new year. RPS released a statement Thursday after Gov. Walz outlined his administration's plans and guidance for the state’s K-12 public schools.RPS says it is “preparing to share our return to school plan by the end of the first week of August.”

Here we are at the end of the first week of August and we'll hear the plan. Make sure you've downloaded the Y-105FM App and enabled news alerts to get the big news.

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RPS has been working on three models, in person, hybrid, and all distance learning.

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