Tom Ostrom is well known to KROC-AM listeners for his twice-a-week appearances with Andy Brownell on the Rochester Today show, but he is also known nationally as the author of respected books about the U.S. Coast Guard.

Tom recently completed and published his 5th book, The United States Guard Leaders and Missions, 1790 to the Present, and agreed to talk about the fruits of his labor during Tuesday's show.

The book, which includes extensive footnotes and a complete bibliography, contains biographical information about every U.S. Coast Guard Commandant since it was founded by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in 1790 as the U.S. Revenue Marine. While it features comprehensive information about the leaders of the Coast Guard's early years, the book also covers the services' modern leadership and the challenges they have faced in adapting to the War on Terror and the War on Drugs.

Tom's other books are:

  • The United States Coast Guard and National Defense: A History from World War I to the Present
  • The USCG on the Great Lakes
  • The United States Coast Guard in World War II: A History of Domestic and Overseas Actions
  • The United States Coast Guard: 1790 to the Present

In August, Ostrom will travel to Washington D.C. to deliver a presentation about his latest at the United States Navy Memorial in honor of the 225th Birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard.