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You've seen those before and after photo transformations, right?!  Well the Rochester Downtown Alliance, the organization that helps create all sorts of amazing events for our city, just showcased one of the best before and after photos ever.

I haven't been silent about my disgust about the crow poop situation in downtown Rochester.  In fact, one of my stories lit a fuse and within a day almost all of the media outlets in town were talking about crow poop.  If you missed that outburst, you can read it here to get caught up.

Credit: Jessica Williams

I was also thrilled to hear that the city was putting some anti-poop tents on trees to try to help steer the crows somewhere else.  Not sure if it is working but they've only been up on a few trees for a little bit, so I guess time will tell.

Jessica Williams

But, I gotta give a shoutout to the crew that has been cleaning the sidewalks!  They just made walking to work or anywhere in downtown Rochester a lot more enjoyable.  Just look at the before and after photo that the Rochester Downtown Alliance shared on their Facebook page.  Just beautiful!

Thank you to the crew who is out working hard to clean up our sidewalks from all of the crow poop.  I appreciate you.

Speaking of downtown Rochester, one event I truly missed in 2020 was Thursday's Downtown.  I've got exciting news though!  It sounds like it is back on the schedule.  Check out all of the events planned for 2021 so far in downtown Rochester (including a few news ones that sound amazing!) below.

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Rochester Downtown Alliance are currently planning Rochester's favorite summer events and are hopeful that crowds can return for the later half for 2021 during Thursdays Downtown. While we wait for the official news, check out the list of planned events for downtown Rochester.