Frito-Lay’s should definitely bring this contest back because it was awesome!

Let's be honest, if you don't have a dog in the fight when it comes to the Super Bowl, you're mainly waiting for a break in the action to watch the commercials... am I right? Trust me, I am. But I bring this up because for ten years, Frito-Lay and Doritos gave its fans a chance to actually create their commercial that would air during the game with a "Crash the Super Bowl Contest". It ended two years ago at Super Bowl 50.

But what you may not know, is there was a submission that came from right here in Rochester! Rochester natives Aaron Avalon, Sean and AJ Feind of Shattered Prism Studios, along with their friends, created the commercial below in 2015.

Their video, called "Doritostein", was a hilarious take on the Frankenstein monster. I remember seeing this and thinking: "How in the heck does this one not win it all?!" Unfortunately it didn't, but it was still a brilliantly executed commercial!

Check it out for yourself:

In case you're wondering which spots did win the contest, you can watch a whole Doritos collection HERE, and then watch every commercial for this year's Super Bowl HERE.

Speaking of food; if you had one night in Rochester, where would you go out to eat?

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