Rochester, MN (KROC News) - The Rochester International Airport broke ground on Phase 1 of construction on their runway improvement project today.

According to a press release from RST, the multi-year, multi-phase project to replace Runway 2/20 will cost $79.2 million.

“We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and support that has brought us to this point. Funding a large project requires great collaboration at the federal, state and local levels,” said RST’s executive director John Reed. “Reconstruction of Runway 2/20 kicks off today, resulting in new jobs in our area and ensuring uninterrupted air access for travelers in our region.”

What The Project Includes

  • A 1,647-foot extension to Runway 2/20 and Taxiway B
  • New 40-inch pavement section (sand, gravel, pavement)
  • 275,000 square yards of pavement removed and recycled
  • 1.7 million cubic yards of material excavated
  • 8 miles of underdrain tile to improve drainage
  • 13 miles of underground electrical cable and conduit
  • 500 new LED runway and taxiway lights
  • Improved approach capabilities

The project was funded with $62.8 million from the Federal Aviation Administration, $11.4 million from the State of Minnesota and $5 million in local funding.

RST is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony on the closed runway this afternoon at 1 p.m. with local, state and federal elected officials and airport stakeholders gathering to to recgonize the groundbreaking of the project.

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