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Here's a good news story about an employee at Rochester International Airport who stepped up in a big way to help a stranded traveler.

I have to say, Rochester International Airport (RST) is way underrated. I'm a little ashamed to say that until earlier this year, I'd never been to RST. But after flying in and out of RST when we traveled to the Outer Banks in May, I'm a BIG fan. It's so close to home (no more driving over an hour one way to the Minneapolis airport), parking is cheap (we left our car there for the week we were gone-- something we'd never do at MSP) and getting through the TSA security at RST is a breeze.

And, as it turns out, RST has some amazingly compassionate employees, as well. A post on the RST Facebook page tells the story of a traveler who had mistakenly flown here to Rochester, Minnesota instead of Rochester, New York. Despite how nice our Rochester is, that can't be much fun. (And, it's something that apparently happens 'more than you think,' the post noted-- who knew?!?)

But thanks to the caring actions of RST Skycap, Mick, things turned around for the weary traveler. The posted noted that after hearing about the traveler's misfortunes (which also included having been robbed before departing India for Rochester and left with no money for food or a place to stay), Mick offered him his own dinner he'd brought with him to work. Not only that, Mick then brought the traveler (who'd stayed overnight at RST) with breakfast before he finally departed.

Wow. That's a pretty cool thing of Mick to do, isn't it? Talk about helping your fellow human being! Well done, Mick and crew at RST! Way to represent Rochester! Check out the full story below. And, keep scrolling to check out other ways folks from here in Minnesota's Med City say they're from Rochester... without actually saying they're from Rochester.

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