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Plymouth, MN (KROC AM News) -   Activity at a Minnesota middle school was disrupted Monday morning when a student fired several shots in a hallway.

Officials at Plymouth Middle School sent this chilling message to parents Monday afternoon:

"I’m writing to inform you about a serious incident that occurred at our school today. This morning, a student brought a loaded handgun to school, and then fired multiple shots into the ceiling of a hallway.

Thankfully, no one was injured, though a number of people witnessed the incident. At this time, all students are safe, and there is no further threat to anyone in the school.

School administrators and police responded immediately to the incident, and the school went into lockdown. The student who fired the weapon was taken into police custody quickly and without further incident.


We know this was a scary and traumatic event for everyone at Plymouth Middle School. Please know that we have a support team that includes school counselors, school psychologists, social workers and others who are available to work with students as they cope with the things they’re feeling and experiencing due to this incident."

As a result of the shooting, it was decided the school will observe a distance-learning day Tuesday.

Earlier version of story:

Several shots were fired in a hallway of a Minnesota school Monday morning.

The Plymouth Police Dept. says officers responded to “a report of shots fired” around 8:45 am at the city’s middle school.

The police department says there were no injuries and a student is in custody.

School officials say the shots were fired in a hallway near a bathroom and the incident was witnessed by an unknown number of students. The school’s resource officer apparently apprehended the shooter.

During a late morning news conference, Robbinsdale School District Interim Superintendent Stephanie Burrage told reporters this was “Not a fun day. “

She said some students witnessed the shots being fired. She also acknowledged students began texting about the incident before an official statement was released.

She said there were just over 700 students in the building at the time of the incident.

Burrage will assume her new post as the Deputy Education Commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Education on June 23.

Plymouth is located in the western section of the Twin Cities metro.

News update:  Rochester man accused of headbutting police officer.

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