Parker Hanson is a pitcher for Augustana University's baseball team, in Sioux Falls, SD (about three hours west of Rochester). Last week, someone went into his car and stole his prosthetic arm.

The good news is the arm's been found. The great news is where it was found. The phenomenal news is Hanson's turned the theft into a fundraiser for Shriner Hospitals! and NubAbility. That's pretty righteous, but I have to back up a bit.

The Theft of Parker Hanson's Prosthetic Arm

On May 3rd, 2021, Parker Hanson walked to his truck parked outside his home. When he got there, he saw his backpack was gone, stolen. What the thief probably didn't know was Hanson's left arm and its attachments were in the back pack. Or maybe they did. Either way, they were gone.

At Least The Thief Recycles

KELO reported as soon as the public heard Parker Hanson's arm had been stolen, they wanted to donate, so a fund was set up to buy a new prosthetic.

That's when Shriners Hospital called and said, 'Hey, you're approved for a new prosthetic arm at no charge."

Then, on Tuesday, Parker got a text saying, "We found your arm." Who sent the text? Millennium Recycling. Nate Riddle and Tim Kachel were going thru the piles. One of them saw a news story about the arm on TV and the next day, there it the pile to be recycled!

Maybe the thief thought things were too hot to handle, so tossed the arm and its parts in the recycle bin? Either way, when Hanson got it back it was beat up but since Shriners is giving him a new one, he said keep the fundraiser going and give the money to Shriners Hospital and NubAbility.


Shriners Hospitals take care of kids with no hospital bill, and NubAbility, who, according to their Twitter account, "...instruct, inspire, and encourage congenital and traumatic amputee youth athletes to compete in mainstream sports and learn they #DontNeed2 quit!". All in all, two organizations that'll make great use of your donations.

Click HERE to donate.

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