One thing that you MUST do this summer is go to a St. Paul Saints game in Minnesota.  It is so much fun, is a bit more affordable than seeing the Minnesota Twins down the road, and it has two pigs that you HAVE to see.  Yes...pigs.🐖

Two Famous Pigs You'll See at a St. Paul Saints Game in Minnesota

If you haven't been to a St. Paul Saints game, you should add it to your to-do list for the summer.  Our family has so much fun at the games and all of the fun activities that happen...oh, and the fun characters that help spice the game up a bit.  Some of those characters include two pigs.

Meet Pig #1 at the St. Paul Saints Games:  Mud Grant

According to the St. Paul Saints website, a pig has been picked the last 30 seasons to be used as a mascot.  Yes, the St. Paul Saints have a pig that comes on the field and it actually sits in the dugout with the team.  It's the cutest thing!  In between innings, it will walk around and it even has special costumes that it wears.  The fun part is that as you attend games throughout the season, you get to watch the pig grow!

Dennis and Marilyn Hauth have been handling, training, and housing the pigs since 1993 and below is a photo of the pig that entertained crowds in 2018.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston

The new mascot for 2023 has a new name and it had some fierce competition.  Over 1,000 name suggestions were sent in for the new pig and a few of the others that were up for naming rights were ChatPIG, Piggleboar, and Cocaine Boar.  The winning name this year though is Mud Grant!

Meet Pig #2 at the St. Paul Saints Games:  Mudonna

I'll admit it, Mudonna is my favorite.  Every time I go to see the St. Paul Saints play I basically stalk her so I can get a selfie.  #Sorry #NotSorry

If this is your first time getting to know Mudonna, check out the bio below from the St. Paul Saints website:

 She's the divine swine, the diva of the diamond, the duchess of pork, she's St. Paul's own...MUDONNA!

Since her rookie year in 2003, Mudonna has become a well-loved resident of St. Paul who adds a ton of fun with her bacon shaking antics at CHS Field. Mud, as she's affectionately known, loves to appear at birthday parties, parades, events and more. Based on the nature of the event, a small fee may apply.

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