Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – There is still a mystery surrounding the suspicious device that was brought to the Rochester Police Department’s North Station Tuesday but at least it wasn’t the real thing.

Police Capt. Casey Moilanen says the device consisted of three tubes similar to dynamite sticks, a battery-powered timer and the words “Danger: High Explosive.”

Moilanen says an employee of the Old Rooster Antiques store brought the device to the station. The employee gave the device to Crime Prevention Specialist Darrel Hildebrant, who happened to be in the parking lot. Moilanen says because the device looked so real, it was decided to evacuate the building and close nearby streets.

The St Paul bomb squad took possession of the device and later confirmed it was not explosive.

Moilanen says the device was in a box of old military items two women had dropped off at the Old Rooster store after they had cleaned out a home. It’s not known what the device had been used for. The employee who handled the device did not suspect it was real and wasn't sure what to do with it so decided to turn it over to the police department.

Moilanen says anyone who comes into possession of a suspicious device should leave it alone and call law enforcement.

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