MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State biologists say a lake trout caught this month is the oldest they've found in northern Wisconsin in recent history.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that the fish caught near the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior is at least 46 years old, or nearly 100 in human years.

Brad Ray is a senior fisheries biologist at Lake Superior. He says the fish was tagged as part of the Department of Natural Resources' fall trout assessment.

Ray says the fish has been tagged eight times in the past four decades. He says the trout was 35.5 inches (about 900 millimeters) long. It was tagged and released
back into the water.

Officials with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service say the oldest lake trout ever recorded was 70 years old

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A conservation club in northwestern Wisconsin says it will mount an albino deer accidentally shot by a hunter and use it as a teaching tool.

The state Department of Natural Resources says the hunter who mistakenly shot the white deer contacted authorities after learning he had killed the protected
animal in Pepin County. Conservation warden Richard Rosen says even though the deer's head was partly brown, it was still protected.

The DNR says the hunter was given a warning at the time the buck was confiscated.