Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The scores posted by Minnesota students on the ACT college entrance exam this year were down slightly from last year but the state’s composite score was still the highest in the nation among the 19 states where at least 90-percent of the students took the test. The company that administers the test for college readiness in science, math, reading, and English says Minnesota’s composite score was 21.3, while the national average was 20.8. The participation rate in Minnesota was 99-percent.

The composite score for students in the Rochester School District was up slightly this year and outperformed both the state and national averages at 22.3. The ACT organization has also notified the school district that 10 of its students who took the test between September of last year and last month posted perfect scores of 36 on their ACT. The names of those students have yet to be released.