Episode 21 on September 28, 2019, and we're already talking Christmas! Grand Round's Christmas beer, that is. The latest, made with over 160 pounds of cranberries, the latest Hans Grubier will make you say YIPPE-KI-YAY ROCHESTER!

BREAKING NEWS: James and Tessa FINALLY find a song they both know (and even sing a bit of it! Contrary to Rochester Folklore, she has a lovely voice).

James and Tessa toast the memory of Bunnie Powers, one of Rochester's Finest Community Leaders, with this sour (that has a pretty darn low alcohol content).

The bulk of the show today, tho, is about Sontes (sahn-tay), Rochester's most personal catering, doing holiday parties, weddings, birthdays...even business presentations. Tessa has great stories about the unusual requests, and even working side by side with the customer's mom to get the wedding day dish just right and a children's story themed party.

PS - Grand Rounds can even brew a beer to your specifications! That's right, personalized beer for your event!


Listen to the Grand Rounds Brewing Podcast From September 28, 2019:

Each Saturday, Tessa Leung, founder, and CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing Co. in Downtown Rochester chats with James Rabe about what’s happening downtown and all things Grand Rounds — everything from the beer they brew to the meals they serve. Listen to new podcasts on News-Talk 1340 AM & 96.9 FM Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.

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