Starting today Minnesota's favorite steakhouse is now also a candle company! Ok, not actually, but they are now selling a candle that smells like a customer favorite.

The steakhouse that was named not just Minnesota's favorite but the country's favorite is actually Texas Roadhouse. And yes, Texas Roadhouse is now selling a scented candle. What do you think it smells like? Initially you may think steak, which I don't know that I would like but I'm sure many meat-lovers out there would enjoy that candle (and some dogs may try to eat it...).

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But nope, the Texas Roadhouse candle smells like the customer favorite honey cinnamon butter. I have to be honest here, I have never eaten at a Texas Roadhouse so I've never had this famous honey cinnamon butter but I hear it's amazing. Plus that combo just sounds like a good candle scent. I'm tempted to buy it just because I think it would truly smell really good.

Pre-ordering for these bad boys started today. You can only buy them online, there are a limited number of candles available, and according to their Facebook, "pre-orders ship by November 30th." So you can use them all winter to warm up your home, your office, your bathroom, literally everywhere. This would also make a great gift for a Texas Roadhouse lover.

Oh, also, these candles are cheap! So many times I walk by the candles at a store, smell them, find one I like, and then realize they're $25 or something. But these honey cinnamon butter candles are going for just $12.

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