Minnesota has a unique history when it comes to cross-country interstate. There are a few that run through the #BOLDNORTH. You've got I-35 that runs North and South, I-94 that runs mostly East and West, and then I-90 which bisects the Southern third of the state. Did you know that since I-90 was constructed, there has been a special section of pavement commemorating the achievement of paving from sea to shining sea?

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That last portion that was paved back in the day was tinted gold to honor the achievement, but over the last few years that gold crumbled with the road, and we were left with normal black asphalt and concrete. But that is about to change as work on that section of I-90 is starting to wrap up with repairs, and to keep with the tradition of the golden stripe of interstate, MnDOT is laying down some golden tinted concrete to mark that spot where both the East and West coasts meet in Faribault County.

According to KEYC in Mankato, "The golden panels will be re-established in their same locations across the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-90, all part of a larger project to upgrade the highway."

The original celebration to mark the feat was quite impressive according to Roadside America.

"Interstate 90 is the longest road in America, 3,081 miles from Boston to Seattle. Its east and west paving crews met just west of Blue Earth, Minnesota, in September 1978. To mark the event, the connecting roadway slab was made of gold-tinted concrete -- a "Golden Stripe" as a nod to the Golden Spike that joined the transcontinental railroad. Two Minnesota National Guard trucks met nose-to-nose at the Stripe, recognizing the interstates' original purpose as a National Defense Highway system. 2,500 people attended the ceremony on September 17, including Miss America and the Jolly Green Giant, who had just arrived from the statue factory and was held aloft by a crane."

The next time you find yourself traveling the highways and byways of America, and you are near Blue Earth keep your eyes peeled for that new section of golden tinted interstate road.

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