This week's show is different than any other show we've done. This week, in honor of the 20th Episode, Tessa brings three guests with her to celebrate and explain the beer made with FRESH HOPS, which is quite the undertaking. But totally worth it.

In the first segment, Aaron Espy, Lead Brewer at Grand Rounds, takes us thru the process of working with hops so fresh they were on the vine the day before. This is a rare look into the brewer's mind and world. If you love beer, you'll want to hear the details, it is fascinating.

In the second segment, Abbey and Jacob Sass from Civil Sass Hops join the conversation since it is their farm's fresh hops in Hop Bollocks Wet Hop (4.9% ABV 51 IBU). Hear who's civil, who's sassy., and their tremendous story.

Listen to the Grand Rounds Brewing Podcast From September 21, 2019:

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