Looking for something fun to add to your kids' schedules this summer?  The Rochester Public Library has it!  Adults, this isn't just for kids though.  You can have fun and win some awesome prizes with the Summer Playlist too!

My kids look forward to the library's Summer Playlist program every summer.  They have their little chart of things to do and get so excited when they can turn in one of the papers and put it into the box of the prize that they want to win.  This program is so simple and what I love as a mom, is that it not only gives the kids great ideas of activities for the summer to keep them busy but this also helps teach them how to be responsible.  That little piece of paper is like gold to them because the prizes they can win are amazing!

“Summer Playlist is about experiencing summer and trying new things,” says Heather Acerro, Head of Youth Services at RPL.

Is the Summer Playlist all about reading?  Nope!  There are so many great summer activities for kids, teens, and adults to try the help them explore more of summer in our area.  Activities are age appropriate too!

Visit the Rochester Public Library and grab a Summer Playlist!  You can also find the list at the Bookmobile, the BookBike, or on their website.

Now, if you are looking for music this summer...well, pretty sure you just need to turn on the radio and listen to Y105FM.  You can also take us to the pool, for a hike, or with you as you sit on the deck.  Just download our app and listen wherever you go this summer!  There are cool prizes there too.

Want fun things are you doing this summer with your kids?  I'd love to see your ideas!  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  

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