Do you remember that week around Mother's Day when it was gorgeous out?  It was sunny, warm, and it was also the week when I went and picked up a few tomato plants.  And got to 20 some degrees and my plants froze.

I've been on the lookout for some more vegetable plants because mine are not looking good at all.  To be honest, I haven't had good luck with the plants that I've been buying the last few years.  My tomato plants always seem to start off great and look good and then start to wither and die just as it is about time for the tomatoes to be ready.

If you are looking for the best places in Rochester to get vegetable plants, I asked the listeners on Y-105FM and they came up with some amazing locations.  Here's the Top 5 on the list:

#1 - Rochester Farmer's Market - if you go there, just a heads up that they have a new location and are at the fairgrounds just off of Broadway.  Learn more here.

#2 - Jenny's Greenhouse - this is based in Zumbro Falls but there is a shop that you can visit now until July 31st at Apache Mall.  Just look for the greenhouse by Macy's.  Learn more here. 

#3 - Hy-Vee - all of the locations in Rochester have a greenhouse.  You might need to look for the white tent because they are all in a little bit different locations, but they are there.

#4 - Houston's Greenhouse & Gifts - this one is a little drive out of Rochester and in the town of Kasson, but it was a favorite.  You can find directions and learn more here.

#5 - Greenwood Plants - you can find this greenhouse just off of 18th Ave. NW.  Get directions and see pics of what they have on their Facebook page.

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