In forests all around Minnesota, you'll find plenty of cool things to ooh and ahh over. There's amazing plant life and animals to watch as you walk around. But that's not all. In one particular Minnesota forest, you can find trolls!

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Trolls are Lurking in this Minnesota Forest

Thomas Dambo of Denmark is the artist behind these trolls. He has built trolls all around the world at over 130 sites for people to discover, and his latest project was right here in Minnesota. He just recently finished his project and on June 10th people were officially invited out to see the trolls.

Thomas uses all recycled materials to create his art, including these trolls. And the trolls he creates are all larger than life. The pictures look amazing and I'm sure they're even more amazing in person.

Here's a troll that he built in Wyoming.

These trolls can be found in the Detroit Lakes area, but there's no specific location for these trolls. Why? Because it's supposed to be like a scavenger hunt!

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There's a total of 5 trolls, 3 portals, and 1 hidden golden rabbit that you can find in the area. Thomas has left us clues to help us find each of these trolls and portals, but you need to decode the secret message in order to find the golden rabbit.

All of the clues can be found on Thomas' website. He suggests you start at Alexa's Elixir, which is the only one with a specific location, and continue your adventure from there.

Visit Detroit Lakes
Visit Detroit Lakes

Obviously taking pictures of you with these trolls is highly encouraged but they ask that you don't share the locations to keep it fun for others. They also ask that you do not climb on the trolls in order to preserve them for years to come.

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