The collusion accusations in the 2016 presidential election contest between the defeated Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and now President Donald Trump have focused on an alleged Russian connection between the Trumpsters and the Putin regime.

Trump campaigned against the Swamp and Deep State, Establishment, liberal media, Democrat and Republican political leaders, varied interest groups, federal intelligence agencies, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These entities deplored the “outsider” candidate who threatened their perks, power, ideologies, and influence.

We have since learned that collusion with Russia is what Secretary of State Hillary did with her Foundation and “Reset Button,” and former President Obama did with Russia (“I can better deal with Putin after the election”) and terrorist-supporting Iran. And Hillary’s Fusion One Uranium deal with Russia.

Worse yet, we are learning about alleged FBI attempts to influence the election along with intelligence community, leaks of classified documents, and the anti-Trump hatred and political partisanship of high-ranking officials in the agencies.

House and Senate GOP-lead intelligence committees are investigating the collusion of federal bureaucrats and alleged attempts to meddle in the election, to the consternation of minority Democrat committee members who are fearful about possible revelations of Clintonian and Democrat National Committee activities, and the possibility that the Trump-Putin electoral conspiracy is fake news.

Former FBI director Comey is accused of leaking classified documents to incriminate Trump. Other top officials have been accused of political activism and changing the wording in former FBI director James Comey’s list of Hillary Clinton’s email issues to make them less legally culpable.

One FBI official, Andrew McCabe is alleged to have engaged in problematic political activism on behalf of his spouse’s unsuccessful Virginia state legislature campaign who obtained Democrat funding. Hillary Clinton has been accused of funding opposition research against Trump involving a discredited “Dossier” that the FBI may have paid for, using the documents as an excuse to “unmask” investigations into Trump and post-election teams.

McCabe also had connections to anti-Trump officials that Mueller, to his credit, reassigned. McCabe appeared for questioning in late December before a congressional investigating committee and subsequently announced his retirement.

To special investigator Robert Mueller’s credit, he did remove two top FBI officials from the Trump collusion investigation because of their blatant, hostile, hateful anti-Trump emails and statements that reflected a desire to prevent Trump’s election, and obstruct Trump’s agenda and tenure after the election.

Mueller still faces criticism for staffing his team with Hillary supporters and donors which suggests “the appearance” of impropriety, partisanship and “conflict of interest.”

FBI political activity is not new. Recall the bureaucratic political influence and activities of the formidable J. Edgar Hoover; and the leaking of documents by disgruntled FBI agent Mark Felt that led to the removal from office of President Nixon in the Watergate scandal.

All of this unfairly compromises the exemplary reputations and courage of the rank and file men and women of the premier law enforcement agency of the FBI.

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