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There is an aggressive turkey hanging on Rochester's 6th Street SW...and he's not afraid to chase cars. Watch the video, you'll see vehicles literally being stopped by the turkey, and the turkey not letting them get away with a 'swerve' move.

Thanks to Tom Thomason for letting us share this video.

6th street sw and 9th Ave sw. He’s there daily, stop me twice, chased me back in my vehicle.

Comments on the Facebook post...

Apparently, the turkey has a name...

That is Lyle. He sleeps in the tree above our house every night. Please look out for him. He is very sweet. He has a wife Lilu and 4 little ones to take care of

This is solid info. Be nice, let Lyle be. He has as much right to be there as us, doesn't he? Besides, what neighborhood wouldn't love to have their own turkey. So much personality.

That turkey was refusing to let cars go yesterday morning my kids got a good laugh out of it as he was attacking someone's tire.

He is probably seeing his own reflection in the cars. I've seen them break windows at ground level on houses trying to fight with "the other turkey." He'll end up as a turkey pattie on the street someday.

Is this one harsh, or just realistic?

Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe the bird will move if you continue driving past? If it doesn't and decides to fight with the vehicle, well, there's your Thanksgiving dinner. Complaining about a turkey, "stopping traffic", is like whining about geese blocking your path of travel, near Silver Lake. They can fly, and will move out of the way


It seems this isn't the turkey's only time tantalizing, teasing, and tearing after cars on video. Michele Nyman shared this video with us today, from a different day in Rochester, Minnesota. Turn up the sound, Michele tries to have a conversation with Lyle.


I'll be connecting with law enforcement and the DNR to see if this is generally a problem around the area.

Have you encountered Lyle? Please, share your story, videos, pictures!

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know:

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