The Vikings are having quite the season. This weekend, one Vikings player set an NFL record after having a stellar game.

Danielle Hunter back in October turned 25-years-old. He plays defensive end for the Vikings and his age has to do with his record. According to the Vikings Website, Hunter broke the record for being the youngest NFL player to have 50 career sacks. Which is a huge accomplishment no matter how old you are. Many youngsters in the NFL are playing against players that are older and more experienced than they are. That is why accomplishing this young in your career says a lot about the type of player you are.

The sack that helped him achieve this goal happened on the third play of the game this past weekend against the Detroit Lions.  Hunter brought down David Blough giving him his 50th career sack. So his 50th career sack happened at 25 years and 40 days old. The website says that the previous record was held by Robert Quinn who got his 50th career sack at 25 years and 167 days old. Meaning Hunter shattered this record by quite a bit. He is the third Viking to achieve this goal in their first five seasons, the website says.

Here is a breakdown of his career sacks over the past few seasons:

  • 2015: 6 sacks
  • 2016: 12.5 sacks
  • 2017: 7 sacks
  • 2018: 14.5 sacks
  • 2019: 10.5 as of week 14

We are super excited to see how many more sacks he can get the rest of this season.

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