I live with the sound of coyotes at my house.  I'll be honest, I don't enjoy it.  It actually sends a bit of a shudder down my spine when I hear the howl.  I also didn't appreciate when a baby coyote showed up by my deck door.  Even with that close encounter, I never thought to call 911.  Goodhue County Sheriff's Office has received several phone calls about the pesky animal and they sent out a great post on when you should and should not call 911.  It's pretty funny.  ;)

You may need to be at least in your late 20's to understand the humor in this post by the Goodhue County Sheriff's office because it is all tied to a cartoon that everyone watched and knew.  You can see their Facebook post at this link (in case you can't see it below) but here are my favorite parts from their list:

If you see a coyote doing this, you SHOULD call 911:

  • Coyotes carrying any products marked "ACME"
  • Coyotes dropping anvils from hot air balloons
  • Coyotes in possession of a giant magnet
  • Coyotes in possession of a catapult

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