I have zero ideas on how I missed this grand opening over the weekend in Rochester, Minnesota, but...I did.  The good news is that I only missed it by a few days.  And since Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I have a feeling a lot of kids are wondering what their moms might want for this extra special holiday, gift cards to THIS store is what I want.  #JustSayin


New Store Just Opened at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

I love how some women just appear to always be put together.  They have found their style and they just always look spectacular.  That is not me.

I sit in a radio studio, by myself, and there are several occasions where the words, "you have a face for radio" actually apply to my style for the day.  If I had a few extra dollars though, I would want to walk into a room looking like I just came out of the brand new store that opened up in the Apache Mall.  Why?  Because, as their Facebook page states, it has clothing that is "both effortless and boho chic".

I feel like I'm a boho chic type of person.  I just don't own anything that might resemble that look.


Willow James Tyler Now Open at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

The new store that you've seen under construction lately next to Lululemon, which is in the JCP court, is called Willow James Tyler.  If I could only use one word to describe it, it would be "adorable".

Take a look at a few of their photos and announcements now at the Willow James Tyler Facebook page here.

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Huge congrats, Willow James Tyler!  I already know that Rochester women love having you here.

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