I think we can all admit that Minnesota has some pretty weird town names. Unless you're from here or you've lived here for a long time you might get totally stumped by some of these town names.

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Over the weekend I spotted a video on Reddit that people were loving and it's of some people from London struggling to figure out how to pronounce some towns here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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Minnesota Town Names are Difficult to Pronounce

Even though I'm a born and raised Minnesotan, we do have some town names whose pronunciation makes no sense. For example, I'm pretty sure if I didn't grow up here I don't think I would have figured out that Ely is pronounced ee-lee.

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Another tough one that really trips people up is Mahtomedi.

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Fun fact, Mahtomedi actually comes from the Dakota word for White Bear Lake, according to the Washington County Historical Society.

After we check out the video, keep scrolling and see how many of our hardest town names you can pronounce correctly!

Londoners Struggle to Pronounce Minnesota Town Names

Like I said, I found this shared on Reddit and I really enjoyed it. It's always funny when people learn the true way to pronounce our towns and see how confused they look.

Check it out!

Londoners trying to say Minnesota city names.
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Which town would you have added to the video? I would have loved to hear how they think Bemidji is pronounced.

Now let's see how you do!

Only True Minnesotans Know How to Pronounce These Names

Are you a TRUE Minnesotan? If so, you won't even have to guess how to correctly pronounce the following names of cities and towns here in Minnesota. Take a look-- how many do YOU know how to say?

Gallery Credit: Curt St. John

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