Serious talk here. The risk of drunk-driving fatalities increase 77% on ThanksgivingMoneyGeek has a live DUI Danger Index, and they're predicting another increase in fatalities on Wednesday and Thursday.

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You Know Black Friday, But Do You Know About Blackout Wednesday?

It's not even a difficult thing to predict, sadly. According to Moneygeek,  Thanksgiving is in the top three Most Deadly Drunk Driving Holidays.

1) New Year's Eve/Day, when the risk of dying due to drunk driving is 129% higher than average.

2) Independence Day, when your risk is 100% higher than average (also the most deadly week of the year).

3) Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving your risk of a drunk driving fatality is 77% higher than average.


I saw it all the time when I hosted ladies nights in Rochester. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was wall to wall people. Everyone was home from school, home from wherever, and it seemed they all converged in the bars and forgot how to drink, how to call a cab, get a designated driver.

Why Bring Up Something So Sad at Such A Happy Time of Year?

Because I want you to be safe. To know that there will be impaired drivers on the road Wednesday when you may be coming into town late, and tired. Watch out for them. Or when you're driving home after Thanksgiving dinner, they're out then, too. Be defensive. Be prepared. Find ways to make sure you and your children are safe to celebrate another Thanksgiving.

Family With Grandparents Enjoying Thanksgiving Meal At Table

The Thanksgiving holiday sees way too many drunk driving deaths each year, and in this year when highway traffic fatalities are out of hand in Minnesota, let's not add any more to the list.


PS - This whole thing is about this week, but "Christmas drunk driving rates are expected to increase this year because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on Friday and Saturday, respectively." (Source)

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